All Tariffs at a glance


Buy a pass, get the first 30 minutes of each rental for free and enjoy reduced Member-User-Fees for rentals longer than 30 minutes.

One Week Pass
Rs 199 week
One Month Pass
Rs 399 mo.



*GST@ 18% extra.

The registration is free of charge. Before renting your first bike, we need to verify your payment method. You will be required to deposit a credit of ₹1 for the payment method verification. You can change your preferred payment method at any time.

You can rent up to two bikes at the same time using one account. Special rates and offers only apply to the first bike, additional bikes are charged at the standard rate.

Additional Charges

SmartBike may make additional charges in the following circumstances:

  • Collection fee if a bike is not left at or next to, a SmartBike docking station: Rs. 200 collection fee plus Rs.50 per km travel costs, depending upon the location.
  • Damaged bike: Rs. 5000 or more based on the extent of damage.

Mobile apps for SmartBike

Mobile apps for SmartBike

Mobile apps for SmartBike